7 Ways To Ruin Your Professional Reputation

By Oladotun Olumuyiwa F.

Good professional reputation is one of the most important criteria by which many employees achieve their goals. Nevertheless, some mistakes in behavior that can permanently damage the opinion about a worker are also quite common and may become an obstacle to the career promotion. What qualities and habits are worth paying attention to be sure of your own success and build a good relationship with the team?
Professional reputation depends not only on the quality of the work performed, but also on the behavior and character of the employee.

  1. Missed deadlines
    What boss will like your unpunctuality or late delivery of the material? Even if your job is done well, do not be surprised that you are no longer offered promising projects. Always responsibly perform your work duties – this is the first rule that will climb you to the top of the career ladder.

  2. Intemperate character
    In each working team sometimes there are situations that can lead to anger and even cause a conflict. However, you should try not to show bad sides of you character, do not be rude with your colleagues and or use personal insults. In any case, almost all the employees prefer to deal with friendly and responsive co-workers.

  3. Untruthful information
    Pointing out false information in the resume (e.g. exaggerated size of the previous salary or incorrect professional achievements), many job seekers are hoping to get a better offer from the prospective employer. However, it should be noted that quite a number of executives prefer to check information about future employees (alone or with the help of the security services). Even if you made a mistake being already an employee of the company, in any case, do not lie to your boss – it is better to admit your fault and promise to solve it soon.

  4. Do not keep promises
    Despite the fact that to keep promises is not always easy, it is worth remembering that business reputation very often depends on this factor. Can you gain the trust of the colleagues or management, if, for example, you’ve promised to send the report to the end of the working week, but actually forgot to do it? It is impossible to build good relationships with people if you simply do not fulfill your obligations. It is difficult enough to reach a positive professional authority, but at the same time it is very easy to lose it and spoil the impression about yourself.

  5. Do not respond to emails
    Many employees make a pretty common mistake assuming that the answer to an email is not necessary if you want to deny a person or to show that you are very busy. In the best case, colleagues will consider that you have not received their message, and at worst – they will be sure that you avoid them in such a rude manner. Always find time to answer your interlocutor, because in this way you express your respect for the person.

  6. Inappropriate jokes
    Of course, sometimes good humor can lighten the mood or defuse the tense working atmosphere. However, always make sure that your statements will not harm you or offend the feelings of another colleague. Reputation of an office clown can slow down your career promotion and result disrespect or distrustful relationship with other employees.

  7. Frequent job change
    Frequent change of work is one of the surest ways to ruin your professional reputation in a short period of time. Think, will the head hire an employee that change a job practically every month? 
    If you are sure that the position is not suitable for you, it is better to continue to seek alternative. However, if you just look for better working conditions and accept the new job offer at the earliest opportunity, you should not expect a rapid career growth. Moreover, thus you harm yourself wasting time of not only your employer, who may have invested resources in your learning and introduced you to clients of the company, but missing a good opportunity to find a stable job and income.
    Responsible performance of your work duties, respect for colleagues, keeping promises and certainty in your own choice – all these and other factors will help build a successful career.

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