World Peace Day was celebrated across the globe on Saturday 21 September, on same day, Westgate Shopping Mall, Nairobi, Kenya came under siege of Somalia’s Al Qaeda-linked Al-Shebab insurgents gunmen. These gunmen were said to have marched into the complex, firing grenades and automatic weapons and sending panicked shoppers fleeing, leaving 68 people dead and 175 people injured including children. I think we should begin to ask ourselves some “self-organised and well-thought out” questions about the kind of world we are creating for one another and the kind of world we would like to leave behind for the posterity.

Moreso, let’s not forget that there other questions that are yet unanswered before these “self-organised” questions cropped up. Question of Africa, rich in every resources both human and natural but yet is the poorest continent in the world, having poorest and underdeveloped nations in the world, question of unending strive, starvation, poverty, war and conflicts that has deviled the continent.

What hope does an average African child have in this continent called Africa? we should also ask ourselves that. Children are now the targeted victims irrespective of the gender, it doesn’t matter to them.From girl-child marriage to Female genital Mutilation, From child soldiering to Child trafficking all of these happen in Africa.
They got killed at will by either Boko haram, Al-shaabab or during ethnic clashes. these are children that came into this wicked world with a defined purpose. If we are unsure of our own security how do we protect these defenceless kids on the streets. Few years back, Countless of kids were killed in their sleep, in an ethnic clash in Jos, Plateau state. Nigeria as a giant of Africa stand up and protect our nation future.

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