How To Present New Idea To People

By Oladotun F.
Have you been in an interactive sessions or an open presentation where nobody supports your view? At that particular situation everybody looks at you like a weirdo, non-conformist or old-fashioned. And despite the criticisms and rejection you stick to what you believed in. it is a well known fact that, we live in a world where everyone belongs to different school of thoughts. We hold different views to different subjects and topics. We also react differently to situations around us based on how concern we are to them because while we are less concerned about the happenings around us others may not be. Here are few suggestions of how to present your views particularly at most unfavourable situations.

Be warm and friendly

It is advisable to always be friendly with everyone you meet before presenting your views wherever you find yourself be it in a seminar, a social gathering or even amongst the barbarians. Nobody wants to buy what a unfriendly person has to sell. It is a common sense to relate with one or two persons before you present your views or product, this would allow you to do small ground work and get to know what interest some of them in order to get positive response after your presentation. It is also good smile and be at ease with yourself, never appear tensed or nervous before it get to your turn, so as to not forget your prepared points.

Prepare your points to counter envisaged and possible arguments

There is no way, there will be argument. Be prepared for it. They would question you. Remember you are addressing and presenting something different to people who hold complete different or even opposite views against what have got to offer. Organized points to their possible questions would help save from the being defeated.

Never be intimidated

There are times when we really want to drive home our points but because the atmosphere is quite unfriendly and there are some intimidating points from intellectuals present whom we feel, are well read than we do and have gotten intimidating resume to defend it, makes us give up on our views and feel defeated, even when you points are actually good and punchy! Putting up a fearless appearance at any presentation makes you shine and win the heart of many.

Learn to use vivid illustrations and instances

Using vivid illustrations, analogy and clear instances to buttress your point of views is the best way to shine at any presentation and interactive sessions. Although time may not permit to you use some of the illustrations which have prepared but it would be for your good if you could put forward the catchy ones at the beginning of your presentation. By doing so, you would be able to hold them spellbound till the end of presentation. Avoid vague instances and repetitions of illustrations.

Be time conscious

Time management is one of the keys to a productive lifestyle. Do not forget yourself during the interactive sessions and overshoot your time. Never wait until you are signaled to leave the podium. Learn to leave when the time is right. Staying longer than necessary on a particular topic will never win the hearts of the listeners or audience as the case may be. You can actually dissemination information effectively within the short time given to you if you are really a time conscious person.

Control your emotions

At most times we don’t often get what we bargain for, even after putting so much energy and serious work into the presentation but never let it weigh you down. Some might even ask some foolish questions, take you for a ride and make monkey out of you and what you are saying. It is all part of the show, never lose your cool, comport yourself and handle it with all maturity and move on.

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