Life is not a Rehearsal!

Oladotun fadeyiye

In the journey of life meeting all manner of people with diverse outlook to life is inevitable. Some people lead their lives by luck and chances, some take proactive steps towards achieving their goals and purpose while some are being hired to help others achieve their purpose and some set of people just fold their arms and criticize others while trying to achieve their God given purpose in life.

Several times, i know each and everyone of us must have wondered why some people are successful and some others are failure, why are there rich men and why are there poor men, why cant all of us be rich at thesame time, since scripturally “all men are equal before God” why can’t God give all of us equal access to riches and wealth since He loves us equally as his creation? I am also sure that all of us would have loved to ask God these questions if we are given opportunity to ask Him some questions.

But do we know that the beauty of life is in its varieties! Just imagine what this world would be if we all look alike with similar features that is, all humans look slim, tall, fat, we look short and dwarfed or even all humans look extremely tall and giant and when it comes to racial difference no Caucasian, no Mongolian or negroid descent. We all just look thesame and speak one language! It would be too boring and uninteresting! don’t we think so?

One of the major lessons i have learned so far about life is life is beautiful as it is! I personally believe that God did not make mistakes when he thought of creating living organism in varieties and in both male and female, i even learned that there are male and female among non living things for instance, plants and crops. Years back a friend of mine, a geologist was actually showing me the distinction between male and female pieces of rock and stones, funny isn’t it?

Ironically, many of us are never happy they way we are, our looks, our heights, sex etc. How do i mean? a dark skinned person would rather prefer lighter or fairer skin, that is the reason why a lot of ladies would do anything to bleach or lighten their skin so as to be acceptable and attractive. A slim built man would spend considerable hours that could have been used for other wholesome activities and profitable engagements in the gymnasium as to become a “macho man”.

Some group of people would even go extreme by changing their sex, they called it transgender surgery, these people suddenly woke up one day and become dissatisfied with their sex and decided to change it, indirectly telling God that He made mistakes when they were created! Do not misinterpret me here, i am not a perfect judge of people decisions and character neither do i judge others by what i see them do, but i believe most human actions are premeditated except for those who have actually lost their mind i.e lunatic patient.

Admittedly, with all these dissatisfaction around us, life would be nothing but a melodramatic rehearsal. I have heard that there was a time racism was the other of the day all over the world when a particular race suddenly became superior to other races. which was even the genesis of First World War and Second world war. in other words, belonging to the “inferior race” indirectly made anyone a sub-human. What a rehearsal! I call it a rehearsal because it is nothing but an illusion, vanity upon vanity! Until we begin to see beauty in diversity, we would never understand that life is not a rehearsal. it is what we should accept to be reality not as a mere dream or nightmare because it is beautiful as it is.

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