The Fate of Chibok Schoolgirls in the Hands of Insurgents


Oladotun Fadeyiye

At every click on social media and web page you get to see caption “Bring back our girls” “Release them to us”, “Federal Government save our girls” and so on and so forth. Since the news of the abduction of Chibok school girls broke out, I have been trying to figure out whether we as Nigerians really understood the magnitude and gravity of the security challenge that we are being confronted with.

personally if you asked me, I would say Nigeria is yet to realize how devastating these frequent bomb attacks and security breaches could be to our economy as a nation, perhaps the reason for our laxity and why we are yet to realize the damaging effects is because out of six –geo-political zones in the country, North east has suffered most of the Boko Haram attacks while other geo-political zone have been enjoying relative peace until recent bomb blast in Abuja.

This is happening three years after the bomb attack on UN Building in Abuja in 2011. Well, we can’t wing it, whatsoever is wrong with the northern part of the country would definitely have its negative effects on the southern part of the country, what do I mean? whichever way we want to look at it, we have co-existed for as long as a century now, since the amalgamation of northern protectorate with southern protectorate in 1914.

As a matter of fact, recent centenary celebration of this co-existence this year, is an indicator that we still need one another to survive as sovereign state. And to those who are indirectly clamouring for the division of Nigeria as one nation should quit building castle in the air. They should not be deceived that even after the division the proximity between our territories would not warrant us sharing borders and resources. In other words, we will still indirectly need one another to survive, so what would be the benefits of the division in the first place. Disintegration of this country is not the way out!

Another thing that I have been trying to figure out is the rationale behind the abduction of these innocent girls into Sambisa Forest in Borno State. Some say it is basically for self defence on the part of Boko Haram so as to avert or shield themselves from Federal Government persistent counter-attack on them, so as to nip to terrorist tendencies in the bud and to also frustrate their heinous agenda which is simply to make this country ungovernable for the Mr President and stall the widespread of western education in the Northern part of country as well as whole country.

However, we should also look at this situation from a critical perspective that these insurgents are men not ghost, with blood running in their veins, and aside from the fact that they abducted these girls for “self defence” I believe that they also have intentions of abusing these young innocent kids sexually and probably turn them into wives and sex slaves.

A lucky escapee amongst these girls revealed that they had sex with them up to 15 times in a day and those who refused were shot instantly. she also said Christians amongst them were compelled to denounce their religion while virgins amongst them were given to the leaders of the Sect as sex slaves.How spineless!

Let look at it this logically, there is no doubt that in the last five years, these insurgents have been operating like “group of outcast and rebel against the federal government policies”. With their outlook, they would stop at nothing to carry out their hideous objectives including choosing wives for themselves and start breeding another set of Boko Haram generation! This is why we need to sit up and tackle this security challenge head on or however we deem it fit.

Personally, I hate being pessimistic but if bomb blast in Abuja persists I see military hijacking this democratic dispensation from the hands of those who claim to be in power but not willing to take proactive steps towards finding lasting solution to terrorism in the country.

Already, Nigeria has been listed among the nations of the world plagued with terrorism. Therefore, seeking the intervention of international communities at a time like this, would not be out of place. Couple of days ago, I stumbled on a press release on how the United States Government has pledged to support Nigeria in the fight against terrorism and insurgency within the coming days.

Secretary of State, John Kerry made the announcement while briefing newsmen on Friday in Addisa Ababa as part of his activities during a three-day visit to some African countries including Ethiopia. For me, if Nigeria would accept this proposition and support from USA it would be taking the right steps toward stemming the nonsense from these nonentities called Boko Haram, and at this period where everybody living in Abuja and other parts of the country practically lives in perpetually fright of where would the next bomb blast happen?

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