PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT -Self Control and Discipline


Discipline is one of the most difficult thing that has put many lives and destinies in bondage. When we talk about self control and self discipline, many people begin to think about adultery and immorality. But it is not only these things that make one lack discipline. There are 3 major things we need to know about discipline.
1. Most people avoid Discipline,
2. Most people need plenty of it.
3. Most people don’t have plenty of it. Discipline is lack in everyone, until it is enforce and instill in them. Children are perfect example of this.

Why self control and discipline is essential?

A. You need discipline to study: To excel in life, the zeal to study can only be increased by the virtue of your discipline. As a matter of God has not set limit to what you can become in life or to reaching your greater heights. Not even witches can stop you! The only limits you have, is the one you place on yourselves.

B. You need discipline in your finance: anyman or woman who spends frivolous or buys goods outside his budget is heading for financial doom! According to research, only 8 percent of Nigerians ever achieved financial dependence, because Nigerians are in the habit of buying what we don’t need. The state of your finance has a lot to with the level of your self discipline. It is not everybody that ask from you that you must give, sometimes you need discernment from God.

C. You need discipline to live in Good health: To be in good health, you need self control in what you consume. Every food is good to eat but not every food that is good for your system and even your health! You cannot maintain sound and good health without self discipline because you are what you eat.

D. You need discipline in personal relationship: Good relationship and marriage don’t just happen, you sacrifice for it. Likewise, good mannered and well behaved children don’t just happen, you must be ready to train them! To achieve a successful marital life you must be self discipline with lots of work.

E. You need discipline for spiritual growth: discipline in spiritual growth entails your active involvement in church work and activities. It requires your consistent attitude of praise and worship to God. For every christain to grow you must be self disciplined in things of God.

Characteristic of discipline person

  • Disciplined people are organized people.

  • Discipline people are tidy people, they don’t wear what they see to an event or outing.

  • Every discipline person is a planner whenever If you fail to plan, you are actually planing to fail. Discipline person write things down so as not to forget it. Proverb 22:29 The Foundation for excellence is self discipline. Every achiever is a discipline person. They are not habitual excuse maker.

  • Discipline people are balance people. They know when to say no and when to say yes. They know their onus. They know how to set their priorities right! They are purposeful, they are men of vision. They do not procrastinate.

  1. ebenezer boateng fianko

    Please I need help am shs graduate who complete my senior high school last year but have noe money tu continue so pls

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