(Apply) Communications Intern (3 months)




Connected Development [CODE], the non-profit organization behind Follow The Money, Sustainaware, Earth Hour, Digital Humanitarian Network, other free knowledge projects in Nigeria, is looking for an intern for the Communications Team. If you’re a current student of communications or a fresh graduate, and have experience in writing, research, and the new media we can provide you with an immerse experience over the course of three to six months.




Connected Development [CODE] is part of a larger social movement that values openness, transparency and collaboration. The Communications team at CODE maintains a blog, twitter handles, Facebook pages and other social media platform for several of its project that functions as a way for us to show how our ideology is contributing to change in our small world. In doing this, we actively seek out stories from our community engagement, capacity building, meetings, courtesy visits, data expedition to highlight the human side of our projects and document more fully the effect that these projects have on the real world.


We are seeking a writer, transcriber, creative artist and researcher who can assist with various storytelling-related tasks to bring these stories to life. When the opportunity exists, we will work with an intern’s Polytechnic or university to facilitate earning academic credits.




Working with the Communications team to research potential stories.


Online, Offline and telephone interviewing.


Transcribing audio or video interviews.


Writing and formatting unedited interviews into publishable content via various forms of new media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs etc)

Simply, if you know you can use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram , Write Blogs, Use a little bit of graphics software and you stay in Abuja,



High energy for and commitment to the Connected Development’s open knowledge and empowerment mission.


Ability to turnaround content on a tight schedule.


Exceptional verbal and written communication skills and interpersonal skills.


The ability to excel in a fast-paced, multitasking environment that demands fast turn-around.


Intellectual curiosity and flexibility that makes them enjoy tackling difficult and ambiguous problems in creative ways. Students with strong research backgrounds are preferred.


The ability to flourish in a highly transparent and collaborative environment and work on a team with diverse demographic and cultural characteristics.


Must have access to a personal computer and internet connection.


+1 Knowledge or involvement in the Connected Development [CODE] community.


Ability to understand and translate languages.


Photography, graphic arts or video production skills.


To Apply:


Candidates must not be more than 30 years.


Send a cover letter and Resume to apply@connecteddevelopment.org


Only shortlisted candidates would be contacted and Interviews would be conducted on a rolling basis.



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