New Book “Those Who Inspire”: Book to inspire and motivate Nigerian Youth

Release: September 2015

New book Those Who Inspire: The book portrays 90 Nigerians from all walks of life across all of Nigeria. This book, which is free of advertising and ranking, promotes the values of citizenship, community partnership and mentoring. Each page highlights the advice, experience and wisdom of Nigerian nationals who have achieved their dreams, simultaneously adding value to the community and are mentors or in the process of becoming mentors.

September 2015 – Abuja, Nigeria | The publishers at Those Who Inspire Ltd will celebrate the release of the third volume in their Those Who Inspire Collection with a launch event in Abuja on the 17th of September, 2015. The event will be held with the presence of all the personalities portrayed in the book, such as H.E. Olesegun Obasanjo, 2face Idibia, Prof. Wole Soyinka and many more incredible Nigerians known and unknown as well as very young Nigerians featured in the section of the book called Those Who Will Inspire. The launch will also be attended by VIP, selected students, international and Nigerian friends and selected members of the press.

During the launch young members of “Those Who Inspire: Nigeria” such as Zuriel Oduwole will briefly address the audience and receive a donation of 100 books from a Mentor. Zuriel will in turn donate those books to students during her visit to a few schools in Abuja the following day.

Friday September 18th
At 10AM. Zuriel will visit White Plains British Schools (Plot 528 Cadestral Zone B4, Opposite National War College Site, Jabi, FCT Abuja.
At 12 noon Zuriel will visit the Baze University Abuja.

Each visit will include a donation by Zuriel of copies of the book “Those Who Inspire: Nigeria” and an interaction with the students and Zuriel.

While the launch event is an exclusive affair, Those Who Inspire Ltd has teamed up with the Federal Ministry of Education to make the book available for Nigerian students. Also young Nigerian members of the workforce will also receive the books via donations from companies or institutions. To this day we are proud to announce that a total of 13.000 books will be donated to the Nigerian youth after the launch party; we are hopeful that this number will increase so that we reach as many young Nigerians as possible.

“We know from experience that the right kind of influence and inspiration can change the course of a young person’s life. That’s what inspiration is all about, and we are honoured to facilitate that in any way we can.” says publisher Delphine Barets.

“We want to get this book into the hands of as many young Nigerians as possible,” adds Pilar Carrasco Producer of Those Who Inspire: Nigeria.

Initially founded by Delphine Barets and Marlene Plomik as an international communications company, Those Who Inspire Ltd released their first book Those Who Inspire: Oman in December 2012 and Those Who Inspire: UAE last November in Dubai. They are currently planning books for Bahrain, Mexico and Hong Kong.

Media inquiries contact:
Delphine +234 8099615159 or
Twitter: @ThoseWhoInspire

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