HBF Advocates #GREENWAKA, Green Transport Campaign in #Abuja


Henrichi Beoll Foundation (HBF) has brought together key individuals and CSOs in environmental advocacy in a roundtable on a proposed agenda for Green Transport using FCT, Abuja as its first model for the agenda. The objective of the roundtable is to assess the consequences of excessive carbon emission from public transport and commercial vehicles causing high degree of air pollution which is one of the major challenges in environmental sustainability.

#GreenWaka is a campaign concieved to help reduce the carbon footprints particularly locomotive carbon monoxide with high corrosive effects on human lives said Emma Kurt, Policy Advocacy officer HBF.

According to Dr Sumaila, Abuja based transportation expert, who was a resource person at the roundtable said recent findings have shown that the amount of carbon being inhaled by non-smokers through vehicular and transportation means is equivalent to 37 sticks of cigarettes.

He further disclosed that the current FCT Minister will be putting into cognizance amongst other things the provision of environmental friendly buses (BRT) for clean and environmental safety for Abuja residents.

Issues that were considered during the meeting is the availability of infrastructure and policy support at adopting green transport which encourages cycling, walking and the use of BRTs so as to decongest numbers of vehicles on our major roads which would in turn reduce the tons carbon that are being discharged into the atmosphere.



Dotun Roy posing for #GreenWaka

Dotun Roy posing for #GreenWaka

Posing for #GreenWaka

Posing for #GreenWaka


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