I received this yesterday from ONE headquarters.

Read below:



Since the Millennium Development Goals were agreed in 2000, Africa has made amazing progress in the fight against extreme poverty. Agricultural productivity has increased in Malawi; more children are going to primary school in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, and malaria  has fallen in Niger, Togo and Zambia.

It’s achievements like these that give meaning to the ONE Africa Award, our annual recognition of some of Africa’s grassroots efforts towards ending extreme poverty. Each year we look for an outstanding organisation based in Africa, who’ll receive $100,000 to fund their work!

I’m excited to announce that applications for the 2015 ONE Africa Award are now open.

Does this sound like something you, an organisation you work for, or an organisation you know is doing?

Apply now or spread the word to make sure as many people know about the award as possible.

ONE Africa Award 2015

We want to build a world where your place of birth doesn’t determine your cause of death, and to do this we need to make sure that EVERYONE can be part of the movement. We also know that many people don’t have access to the resources they need to be able to make the change they want. That’s why the ONE Africa Award can make such a difference to the winning organisations, but also the people and communities they work with.

Help us find the next winner, they could be from your country! If you know of an organisation that might be eligible, they can apply here.

You can also help us get the message out by sharing with your friends and family.

Applications close on 28th August.

Thank you,

Gwadamirai Majange,


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