British High Commission, EU Intensify Effort to Support Climate Change Mitigation in #Nigeria

Dotun Roy

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As we countdown to COP 21 in Paris later this year, British High Commission and other European Union (EU) countries such as Denmark, Germany and France are currently forming a synergy through their embassies in Nigeria using EU Climate Diplomacy Day which is done annually on 17th of June as one viable platform to address and discuss major challenges militating against climate change mitigation in Nigeria.


EU Ambassador to Nigeria being interviewed at the event

According to Michel Arion, EU Ambassador to Nigeria, speaking at the EU Climate Diplomacy Day in Abuja yesterday at Pyramid Thought Art Centre said EU Climate Diplomacy Day gives us an important opportunity to reflect together on the magnitude of the great threat posed by Climate change, the actions that different countries can take to tackle the problem, and how to increase public awareness.  He further stressed the need for Nigeria despite developing its own national plan, be backed up with all support that might come knocking from the international space. ” We stand ready to assist in any way we can, in the development of Nigeria’s national commitment and its implementation toward climate change mitigation.

Mr Denys Gauer, France Ambassador to Nigeria who also addressed the participants at the event immediately after the projection of short movies on Climate Change effects in Africa, said EU Countries have been working closely with Nigeria on Climate Change in a range areas; from developing tools to monitor gas flaring and forecast future energy demands, to delivering policy advice as well as renewable energy. He highlighted some outstanding challenges facing Nigeria as a developing country, with an economy dependent on oil. “despite this oil, electricity still remains a scarce commodity and many households and enterprises rely on diesel-run generators all these are harmful for the environment which will make addressing climate change in Nigeria a difficult venture” he posited.

Cross Section of the Participants at the EU diplomacy Day in Abuja

Cross Section of the Participants at the EU diplomacy Day in Abuja

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