CDD Launches “Buhari Meter” A Tool for Democratic Accountability!


Center for Democracy and Development (CDD) has launched “Buhari Meter” its first developmental project towards promoting democratic accountability for the new administration today, 1 June in a press briefing in Abuja.

Buhari Meter, an initiative of the collaboration between CDD and Open Society Initiative of West Africadriven (OSIWA) is set to monitor 174 promises cutting across different sectors/issues of national development including women, youth, persons with disability, agriculture, corruption, security, power, oil and gas, health, education, transport, governance etc.


According to the Director of the CDD Idayat Hassan, while addressing the media present at the briefing she said CDD believes that the more elected officials are accountable to the electorate, the more they are driven to give quality service. “Accountability in governance creates mutual exchange of responbilities between the citizens and government, and enhances the quality of democracy” she alluded.

Part of the questions that were raised by the Press men at the launching was why the new President Buhari is yet to fulfil his promise of public declaration of assets according to his vision of responsive, transparent and accountable governance. However, Mrs. Idayat Hassan in defence of Mr President were able to convinced the Press men that Buhari has partially fulfiled the promises by declaring his assets to Code of Conduct Bureau which is in line with the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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