5 Easy Things To Do When You’re Really Scared To Try Something New


Being scared when facing something new, is totally understandable. Here you’ll find 5 tips that’ll help you dealing with the feelings that might arise when you’re facing trying something new in your life.

1. Don’t care about what others will say.

Your own opinion is what really counts. I understand we all take other people’s opinions seriously. But when trying something new, you have to trust your gut. It’s you who know what’s best for you. There’s a clever remark by Henry Ford. He said: “If I’d ask people what did they want, they’ve replied faster horses.”

2. Stop considering other alternatives.

You now have one goal in mind. And you picked that one for a reason. The moment you picked that one, all the others are gone for good. Don’t bring them back, ever. Do like Hernan Cortes, and burn the ships!

3. Don’t doubt yourself.

You know you can do it. You already have eveyrthing necessary to achieve it. You’re gonna make it. Remember: The person you see in the mirror everyday could be your worst enemy. Or your best ally. It’s you who make the call.

4. Don’t look back.

Just keep hustling. Looking back will only bring you doubts, and maybe regrets. Nothing has to distract you from your goal. The key to success is focus. The only way you look is forward. That’s where you want to go.

5. Don’t overthink it.

Just do it. Overthinking kills more dreams than failure ever will! I like to say: “A mile of worries won’t get you as far as one inch of action.” And you can’t overthink anything when you’re really busy doing.

Bonus #1. If you don’t try, you’ll never know.

Did you know that people regret not doing the thing they wanted to do, than doing it wrong, or even failing at achieving it? Pretty powerful realization.

Bonus #2. Accept the worst case scenario fully.

Take the power out of it by accepting it. Expect good things to come. Focus on what it will feel like once you’ve accomplished what you want. Then, work backwards. What are the steps you need to take in order to achieve this experience? Break them down into micro-steps. Do one each day. Even if the starting steps involve breaking down the bigger steps, you will feel better about moving forward actively. Lastly, tell supportive people your plans. The more other people know about your plans, the more realistic they become! :)

This Bonus #2 was suggested by Heather Schwartz. So, if you want to leave your comments, we might include them as bonuses! Don’t be shy.

Bonus #3. Don’t be afraid to revise your plan.

As Napoleon Hill says, you have to have a perfect plan in order to gain riches, and NO plan starts off as being perfect. I remember his story about a man who struck gold, but the mine stopped producing in a short time. What he needed to do, but he didn’t, was to simply revise his plan. He was in the right spot, but digging in the wrong direction. When he lost the vein, it was only three feet away!


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