Dorothy Njemanze Sues Nigerian Government Over Abuse and False Accusation!


Dorothy Njemanze is a well-known Nollywood actress who was harassed, sexually abused and abducted publicly on the street in front of her residence in Abuja by agents of the Nigerian government.

Over time she wrote more than 10 letters of complaint, to different agencies of government all to no avail. She and 3 others have sued the government and its concerned agencies at the ECOWAS Court in Abuja.

In reply to her charges, the Nigerian government denies all the allegations and says (without proof) she is a prostitute and so it is of no consequence if she was abused or not. It asks the court to throw out the case because, it would amount to promoting prostitution if it entertains it.

She is not a prostitute as falsely labelled. Assuming (but not conceding) that she is a prostitute, does that warrant sexually abusing her, and on the street in public?

This is a public interest case against gender-based violence, discrimination and abuse. It is also about demanding accountability from government institutions.

The matter comes up tomorrow Friday 24 April 2014 at the ECOWAS Court, Kashim Ibrahim Way, Wuse II, Abuja, 9am.



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