IDI: International Leadership Conference 2015 in Washington DC

Dotun Roy


The International Development Institute (IDI), Washington DC, United States of America invites world CEOs, business leader, team leaders, technocrats and aspiring leaders to this year International Leadership Conference 2015, coming up in July 27-31 in Washington DC, USA.

Vision : In the 21st Century there is more emphasis on sustainable development both in the private and public lives. To achieve this, there is the need to build the capacity of leaders by strategically re-positioning them for excellence and the challenges that comes with developmental processes. The program is aimed at achieving the above by adopting the best and practicable approach of realizing sustainable development.

Target Audience: CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Directors, Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Public Office Holders, Senior Civil Servants, Political Appointees, State & Local Leaders, NGOs, INGOs and Individuals.


 Overview: Strategic Leadership & Sustainable Development

 Leadership Qualities in the 21st Century

 Vision, Mission and Growth

 Success and Direction

 Elements of Power

 Strategy Formulation and Implementation

 Strategic Resources

 Strategic Thinking

 Effective Team Building

 Coaching and Mentoring

 Communications and Motivation

 Transparency and Accountability

 Delegation and Authority

 Change Management

 Drive for Excellence

 Case Studies

 Syndication

 Study Tour/Visits

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