Congratulatory Message from Chief Whip-NYP to the newly President-Elect, Muhammed Buhari.

Ahmed Bachaka, Chief Whip-Nigerian Youth Parliament (NYP) has sent a congratulatory message to Muhammadu Buhari, the winner of the last Nigeria’s Presidential election. Read the message below:

Bachaka and Buhari

Bachaka and President-elect Mohammed Buhari

On behalf of my Constituency and myself, I would like to congratulate you on your election as President of Federal Republic of Nigeria and on the formation of a new government which has obtained the full confidence of the Nigerian young people.

The launch of this new phase in Nigerian politics and the start of work by your government come at a crucial time for Nigerian integration and I am very happy to be able to rely on your contribution, in particular with respect to the continuation of the process of the economic, monetary, corruption and political integration of Nigeria.

I am also certain that I can rely on your commitment to carry on the process of necessary reforms so that together Nigerian’s citizens are able to cope with the challenges posed by the crisis by working towards restoring growth and jobs.

Personally, I am convinced that relations between your new government and the present administration will prove to be rewarding and constructive, as, moreover, has traditionally been the case with your country Nigeria.

I wish you every success with your newly assumed responsibilities.


Chief-Whip, Nigerian Youth Parliament

Ahmed Bachaka


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