NAWAYA Releases An Open Letter to President Jonathan

Dotun Roy

President Goodluck Jonathan's Ramadan Message To Muslims Niger Times

National Women and Youth Alliance (NAWAYA) has finally released an open letter to President Goodlluck Ebele Jonathan apparently demanding 10 minutes audience of Mr President on pressing issues on ground.

NAWAYA is a non-governmental organization designed to promote the rights and responsibilities of women and youths politically and economically. They are committed to educating, equipping and empowering Nigerian women and youths to effectively create the desired positive change within their communities and serve as active players in the decision making processes of their communities.

The Group is comprised of professional youths, businesswomen, artists, artisans, sportsmen and women, women associations, Christians and Muslims, traditional and market leaders, opinion molders and analysts, young farmers, school teachers and all women and youths of Nigeria committed to the ideals of good and quality leadership, order, unity, peace and progress of our nation under the Constitution.

Download the Letter Here

Read the letter below


Dear president,

I am writing you this letter not because I love you so much as a person but because I respect the grace upon your life that has brought you this far[although I love you my president], I write you this letter not because you are or have been the best president ever but because with all the options presented to me as a Nigerian youth and Nigerians in general, you are the best to me at this moment and I believe you have a listening ear which is the only thing you need right now to get Nigeria out of this present situation and to turn things around for the best.

What we are facing in Nigeria today is what any nation in the world can face, that is not what matters but what matters is how we respond to these situations and circumstances. Your response as the president depends on a number of factors which includes;

The quality of the counsel you are given by your advisers and assistants

The advice you get from friends and close associates

The level of innovative ideas that comes to play in your government

Proactive approach to issues of economic and national security

All the above mentioned still bores down to the quality of counsel and the people you are surrounded with because no man is an island and a tree cannot make a forest; you need good people around you to make great decisions.

With all the above said, the essence of this letter is not to tell you stories but to let you know that it is still possible to win the upcoming election with a landslide victory if the right steps are taken and it’s not just you winning the election but also writing your name in the books of history as the man that changed the political equation and permutation of Nigeria, the great leader that will be calling the shots for years to come after stepping down as the president by 2019; The man that revolutionized Nigeria and placed her among the greatest nations of the world. I make bold to tell you that achieving this is very possible but It is not all about the campaigns, rallies or adverts; this is about taking some drastic but strategic steps.

In view of this, as a citizen of Nigeria and one of your loyal subjects, I want to use this medium to seek for just a ten minutes audience with you and I can promise you that those ten minutes will be the turning point of this election and the destiny of this nation Nigeria. By one man, nations can be destroyed and by one man, the whole world can be changed; all I am bringing to you is just one idea to start with and this idea has the power to change everything, there is no army as powerful as an idea whose time has come. I will be very grateful if I am granted audience not because of any selfish interest but because I believe you are the best candidate we have and all hands must be on deck to ensure your victory in the coming elections. Thanks.

Thank you, God bless you and God bless the federal republic of Nigeria

Femi Ogedengbe

National Coordinator

National Women and Youth Alliance [NAWAYA]


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