Be Part of COVEST 2015!!!



What is COVEST?

Conference of Volunteers for Economic & Social Transformation. COVEST 2015 is being hosted by the Office of the Special Adviser to the President on Social Development & Special Duties of the Presidency, with the support of other key stakeholders, sponsors and private sector operators with vast Corporate Social Responsibilities Project & Programmes.


What does COVEST aims to achieve;

COVEST seeks to provide Nigerians with the skills needed for volunteerism, build capacities to adapt to leveraging skills and creative concepts needed for surviving present day skills-gaps which has prevented many Nigerians from getting jobs and being self-employed.

An initial target of 100,000 volunteers to be engaged nationwide with services spanning between Economic & Social Sectors will be addressed.


When and Where is COVEST holding?

COVEST will be holding on 3rd and 4th March 2015 at the African Hall of the National Centre for Women Development, Opposite CBN, Abuja.



What is the cost for participating in COVEST?

Attendance is 100% FREE


What other benefits should I expect at COVEST 2015?

Participants will meet gain experts advices on how to tap from the huge market potentials in the volunteerism sector, meet interested local and international partners willing to engage the services of volunteers; opportunity to exploit the social and economic value of volunteerism and the chances of meeting over 1,500 participants expected at attend the COVEST 2015.


When will volunteers be engaged?

Volunteers will be engaged after the conference, with focus on Economic and Social Sector based on areas of Interest, Skills and Professional Competence.


What is the ECONOMIC goal of COVEST?

Economic sector focuses on Enterprises, by building the capacities of volunteers to leverage on the one-local government-one-product (OLOP), The Agriculture, Solid Minerals and other produce of economic value. In this case, volunteers will be taught how to leverage on information communication technology to improve the production, processing, packaging and preservation of produce to compete in a global market place.


What is the SOCIAL goal of COVEST?

Social sector focuses on humanitarian activities designed to engage volunteers willing to add value in making a change to improve the livelihood of people through water provisions, health, sanitation & environmental issues, creating awareness and advocating improved health projects, mass literacy education engagement and other social safety net


After Volunteering what next?

Having volunteered for a setting duration of time, volunteers are exposed to skills and strategies that are rarely found within the four walls of education. Contacts made can be exploited to gain a paid job or skills could be traded for professional business services in making the beneficiary self-reliant amongst other minor benefits such has an added value to boosting ones curriculum vitae, getting stipends and other microloans for personal uses.


How will I be remunerated

Little stipends for transportation fare and other minor expenses are being provided in some instances, while sometimes quarterly/monthly payment depending on the organization.


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