[Download] #Policy Brief, Pledge Card For VOTE4WASH Campaign For All #Nigerians

Dotun Roy


Dear Readers,

As part of the ongoing campaign for VOTE4WASH and demanding for our civic rights by voting for the right aspirants with laudable agenda for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for all and sundry in their manifestos. Which must include undeniable acess to clean and potable Water for their constituencies, Proper Sanitation agenda that would put total end to open defecation and public urination as well as promotion of Hygienic environments for every Nigerian across the six geo-political Zones.

To this end, YouthWASH has made available to you and other interested Nigerians, the policy brief for VOTE4WASH Campaign in a downloadable format for anyone to print for campaigning purpose. This would help you and I to have better understanding of what our civic rights are as regards to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. And also to encourage to use this policy brief as advocacy tool to engage your local political party and candidates on Water and Sanitation issues.

In addition, Pledge Cards have been made available and also downloadable to engage the aspirants and political candidates. This would help in holding these political aspirants accountable for their promises during the campaigns particularly by making Water, Sanitation and Hygiene one of the top priorities in their various constitutencies, states and local governments.

Download the policy brief here

Download Pledge Card Here

About dotunroy

An Activist and passionate writer. Well informed on social development plans and activities in Nigeria and across the world. Occasionally writes on other issues facing the world in the 21st century such as climate change, environmental sustainability, politics, governance and healthcare as well as education.

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