Meet The Lady Behind “Moin Moin Expresso” In #Abuja

Oladotun Roy

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Anthea Peretu is one beautiful and enterprising Nigerian lady based in Abuja, who has raised the bar in the circle of Entrepreneurship and innovation. It is no doubt that she sets out to make a difference in making available to every home “Moin Moin” one of the popular delicacies in Nigeria. MoinMoin, a pudding made from beans with the mixtures of other spices and condiments which include crayfish, red pepper, onions, fish extract etc.

Below is a brief chat with this industrious lady:

Question: What informed your decision to go into Moin Moin Expresso?

I saw the need to make recipe for moinmoin available to every home in an affordable pack. I realised that significant number of Nigerians like home made moinmoin, yet they do not know how and what sort of recipe or beans would be good in preparing delicious moinmoin. I got to know this, because I have been in event management industry for sometimes and I equally supply home made meals for events.

Question: You started the production of “MoinMoin Expresso yourself?

Anthea: Yes. I started on my own with zero budget with no financial support from anywhere.

Question: What were the challenges you encountered as a Start-Up?

Anthea: You know bussiness of this sort is capital intensive and starting without support from no where was quite challenging for me. However, I remained focus on the impacts more than the challenges that may come. I had to dispose my Blackberry Torch at Banex Plaza when I was about to start, this money bought me first set of bags of beans that were used for the first production of “MoinMoin Expresso”.

Question: What makes “MoinMoin Expresso” special from other ones?

Anthea: MoinMoin Expresso is 100% organic beans hygienically dehusked, milled, mixed with onions,chilli,seasoning & crayfish for easy preparation of Moimoi,Akara & beans soup (gbegiri soup). 1kg of MoinMoin Expresso mixed and it gives u 24 plastic bowls or Uma leaf wraps of moimoin.

Question: What is the Distribution of MoinMoin Expresso like across the country?

Anthea: Although, we currently have distributors in some states in Nigeria. However, we still need more distributors nationwide as well as West Africa countries.

Interested Distributors can call: Anthea on +234 703 056 3351

Or Roy : +2348034858005


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