Stepping Into #BrandNew One and Only #2015!!!

Oladotun Fadeyiye


On the 31st of every December, it is well-known fact globally that activities are always at the top gear, from endless shows and carnivals to non-stop banging of the clubs full of high spirited individuals in estactic celebration mood, poping champagne with a lot of funfare when crossing over to a new year. On the eve of the every New year, Africa in particular, devout Christians and muslims would rather prefer to be in their places of worship communing and praying to their Creator as the anticipated New Year arrives.

It is believed that being a place of worship praying to your God at the arrival of the New Year would not only bring about good fortune, it would also guarantee a prosperous year. For this reason, turn-out at the various places of worship on the eve of the New year, particularly of those who have not remembered to visit a church or mosque to say one prayer in the last 365 days is always unprecendentedly higher than that of regular church and mosque goers.

Well, i am not here to criticise this belief and those runing to a place of worship on the eve of every new year even though they had forgetten God’s existence in the last 365 days. On the contrary, this write up is inetended to encourage. In average Christain home, parents would rather instill into their kids, to be into church on the Dec 31st Night, it reminds me of how my parents would emphasise and compell us to being in church, and made us boycotted shows and parties we had planned for every December 31st.

Nevertheless, there is exicting side to this belief. It makes people remember that there is a supreme being. The one who has total control of time and tide in His hand. Yes, crossing over into a new year makes every one of us remember that it is not by our power or might that we have pulled through the old year 2014 full of unmentionable events: dissapointment, failures, heartbreaks, setbacks, abandon projects, unfilled promises and unrealised dreams as well as aborted and jettisoned ideas and even death.

Yes, so many people lost their lives in the struggle for survival. I mean those who never thought of dying in their wildest imagination when crossing over into old 2014. In Nigeria alone, over 20,000 Nigerians lost their lives in several bomb blasts that occured virtually on daily basis, innocent girls were being abducted on no justifiable grounds breaking bonds and causing untold pains in their homes. I remember active Nigerians; Students that were killed in Mubi Polytechnic. The lives of the Nigerian youths that got killed in their prime in the EMAB Plaza bombing in Abuja. They had planned and looked forward to a beautiful and exicting new year full of prospects just like and you and I, probably they had attended Church and prayed to God too just like every other person. May their souls rest in perfect peace.

You and I need to bear it in mind that we are no better than these people. It is not that we are special, beautiful, holy, intelligent and smart that we are still alive. No! It is the Grace of God alone that could keep anyman from unforseen danger throughout 365 days! Note this, I did not mention all that to scared you or to dissuade anyone from coming to Church and pray yourself into the New year, as a matter of fact, it woud be my great pleasure if you do more than just attending church only on the 31st December, and be closer to God more than ever before.

As we are stepping into another New year, 2015. It would be the most beautiful and honouable thing to do, if we commit our ways in the hands of the Almighty God, the all-knowing God, the Most High God, the begining and the end. We should endeavour to commit our beloved Nation Nigeria into the Hands of God. While you make new projections for yourselves and families do not forget forthcomming 2015 General election in Nigeria. This alone is enough prayer point for every patriotic Nigerians and those who believe in unity and harmony of the country. I pray 2015 General Election will be the most peaceful election in Jesus Name!

I wish of every citizen of this World, Happy Prosperous 2015!!!


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An Activist and passionate writer. Well informed on social development plans and activities in Nigeria and across the world. Occasionally writes on other issues facing the world in the 21st century such as climate change, environmental sustainability, politics, governance and healthcare as well as education.

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