Countdown to Abuja Open Data Party!!!

It’s 5 Days to go! Connected Development [CODE] is still inviting you to the Abuja Open Data Party to make, spread and teach open data. NGOs, Activists and Journalist from all around Nigeria will gather together in person to make things with and around open data while in a party mode 😉 Yes, we have music, free stickers, souvenirs and #OpenDrinks! 
To read more about this event and register, kindly use the link below on or visit 
As a follow up to our monthly Open Data Day in Abuja The #OpenDataParty is organized by Follow The Money with support from The Indigo Trust and the School of Data and you can Join us from 28-29 November, 2014. 
At this Data Party we will be:
a.     Creating a geo-referenced health facility funds database for Nigeria.

b.    Creating a Health Service Delivery Monitoring Group and a Health funds tracker to be used by NGOs, Activists, Journalist and citizens that will be present at the Data Party (See our Education Funds Tracker here).

 c. Great skill shares on Data Analysis, Map Creation, Data Scraping and Simple tools that make you tick in the information age.

For more enquiries:; +2348132727734


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