CSDevNet, PACJA, Organise A Pre-COP Consultative Workshop in Abuja

Oladotun Roy

Climate and sustainable Development Network of Nigeria (CSDevNet), PanAfrican Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) and Action 2015 in collaboration with Henrich Boll Stifung, Nigeria has organised “Pre-COP 20 & Post 2015 National Consultative Workshop’ today November 18th at Henrich Boll Stifung Conference Hall in Jabi, Abuja.

This consultative workshop is aimed creating enabling environment for sound climate justice in the country, particularly in the North East Nigeria. In addition to this, the workshop would also help define the roles of Civil Society Organisations in the fight against climate change through favourable policies and technical solutions at stopping the emission of C02 in Nigeria.

The event which was anchored by Hamzat Lawal, CODE Executive, had its interactive sessions, Q&As and other topical issues surrounding climate change campaign, advocacy, its effects as well as climate justice.

Hamzat Lawal

Nigeria is at cross roads with National development and there are a lot of interests towards these development for instance, if you are looking for a quick win in Nigeria, renewable energy is one of the quickwin, said Christen, Executive Director, Henrich Boll Stifung, West Africa.

(In the middle) Christen, West Africa Director Henrich Boll Stifung

She added that Nigeria as the most populous nation in Africa needs a combined efforts through its energy policy to be able reduce the C02 emissions which has worsened the effects of climate change over the years.

Currently in Nigeria, Renewable energy is still in the hands of donor agencies instead of government itself, which shouldn’t be. If Nigeria government could fully incorporate in its Energy policy, sound renewable energy policy, the target of C02 reduction would be achieved effortlessly within a short period of time. Therefore there would be need for CSOs to press the government to prepare for plan B and look away from fossil fuel and gas as the main source of energy, she explained.J


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