We are Election-Frenzied Already!

Oladotun Fadeyiye

The dust of recently concluded elections at the Ekiti and Osun states has obviously been settled, now the coast is clear for activities and continuity. I often wonder why these two states and some few other states have refused to align themselves with normal election calendar in Nigeria particularly Gubernatorial election. They seems to prefer to have their own tailor made elections, lol. Honestly, If we look at it objectively, it is not their fault that they have to re-run elections and drag themselves to Court of Appeal countless of times before they could choose their leadership. It is as a result of incessant foul play in the state’s partisan politics.

However, based on my personal assumption, lately, it has occurred to me that wherever we have plenty intellectuals with divergent views in a state, clash of views and opinions are inevitable. Ekiti State for instance, has been adjudged to have produced the highest number of professors in Africa. Ironically, the none of these professors appear to be fully involved in partisan politics. And when they do, they prefer rather underground roles. You know, the king maker thing, those who select rather than elect. Well to avoid digression, I will stop there. That is not where I’m headed anyways.

As 2015 knocks on the door, we are beginning to see both electoral/political candidates and the electorates are gathering momentum for victory. Recently, I stumbled on Time-Table and Activities Scheduled for next year election online drawn by Independence National Electoral Commission (INEC). This is also part of the proofs of Nigeria’s readiness for 2015 General Election and the frenzy is here already.

This is the time when electoral candidates bombard the electorates with full tank of rhetorics, churning out vague promises that may never see the light of the day. They should know that Nigerians have learned the hardest way, from previous elections and trust my people they will not fall for the less this time. Let me also declare that personally I am not among those who put neutral when ask about their political views. I am a democrat to the core and I know my onus as one. Well, don’t blame me, may be it’s because of where I come from. It is in our blood. Lmao. You can call me politician if you like but do not see me as your opponents yet o.

Let me also state here that at this election frenzy period, many Nigerians will loose their followers on facebook/Twitter and other social media, once your political views or your party is at variance with your followers/friends. It happened to me previous election, 2011 General election, I suddenly saw reduction in numbers on my followers on twitter, I was dazed! They had been following my tweets for supporting Goodluck Jonathan and all that and perhaps that got them annoyed or they thought we are not on the same page in terms of party, I suppose. I love PDP and please should I be crucified for it?. That got me angry and I deactivated my twitter account. I only just reopened another in 2012 after the all fussy about election went down.

Why am I saying all these? It is because we often get over-frenzied during election and we take it to the extreme in this part of the world. For this reason, many of us are caught doing stuffs that ordinarily we shouldn’t be caught doing, all because of politics/election. We should try as much as possible to keep things normal during this forthcoming election. Violence and strife will profit nothing, it would only cause us pain, setbacks and loss of lives and properties which have characterised Nigeria’s Election since independence.

I would like to plead with all Nigerian Youths to be very objective in their thought process towards the forthcoming election. They should avoid being bought and use as political thugs. Their vote is the only power in their hands to turnaround the woes of this country into everlasting fortune for the posterity. They must also understand election period is never for money making; it is a critical period. A period to determine those who they are committing the future of this nation into their hands. Therefore I look forward to an election that is devoid of rigging, violence, loss of lives and properties and above all a free and fair 2015 election.

Finally speaking of 2015, I am pro-Jonathan and nothing can change that. Call me names if you like, I don’t give a hoot! I have declared who my vote will go to. Many are still siting on the fence concerning who they are voting for come 2015, some are just indifferent, standing aloof. One of the major issues with Nigerians is political indecision. An average Nigerian is rather indecisive about whom he is voting for until the election day arrives. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is the only capable person for 2015 election as far as I’m concerned. He is a man of purpose. He has been criticised and bombarded with all manner of insinuations including Boko Haram distraction yet remained calm and collected.

As a matter of fact, in his recent statement, he said, he has been the most criticised President this nation has ever had but he will be the most praised and respected president ever by the time he leaves the Aso Rock. I believe that statement, because no man can rule this nation and be able to maintain his sanity, but Jonathan has been able to do that. Why do I say that? Nigerians are tough people and very difficult to please. He indeed deserves another tenure to conclude the good works he started. Think about that!

God Bless Nigeria.


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