Ghana to Nigeria: Electric Power Option?

Oladotun Fadeyiye

After years of exploring all options that we have as a nation toward achieving uninterrupted power supply and no prospect is forthcoming then one should begin to ask questions. A country that is blessed with abundant resources: human, natural and mineral you name it. Yet, looks as though it has nothing. This whole thing could be likened to a proverbial expression of living beside an ocean and washing one’s hand with spittle or sand. How can one explain this, when all the resources are available to facilitate a good cause yet nothing meaningful is achieved.

I don’t even know how to coin the question. Ok, what is the major barrier to electricity/power generation in this country? should we call it mismanagement or lack of good governance or corruption or even greed on the part those supposed players in the corridor of power? I have made up my mind not to comment on this issue the day I first read the story of how Ghana’s ruling government has concluded plans to begin export of electric power to Nigeria and other West African countries by 2015.

Although I see nothing wrong with Ghana’s lofty bussiness idea with her big brother, Nigeria because definitely it would not be free. But, on a second thought, I realised that when it has gotten to the level that our neighbouring country is trying to make money out of our power predicament then Nigeria needs serious divine intervention particularly over the electricity generation. Why do I say this? It is because it has become the most stubborn jinx this country has been grappling and battling with for years now, yet we are no where close to solving it. Honestly, it calls for questioning and it’s quite embarrassing for supposed giant of Africa, a country that should be taking the lead in every sector!

I can still recollect vividly as a little kid, power supply was not as this awful in the country. There was hardly power outage back then in the late 80s and early 90s and if interrupted, it would be restored within a short period of time. I am aware that Nigerian population has increased between those years and now, which automatically means there would be increase in the power consumption level and even number of population who rely on electricity to carry out their daily activities. However, advancement in technology is here and it is expected to improve the availability, distribution and accessibility of electric power in the 21st century compare to 80s and 90s and Nigeria’s case should not be an exception.

Recently, I heard on a phone-in programme on radio, how Nigerians are whining and crying for lack of electricity in their localities for years. Many of these callers have resorted to the use of generators to either run their businesses or power their homes. I mean by now without being told, we ought to know the corrosive effects of carbonmonoxide that oozes out of those generating sets on human lives and environment that we live in. Numerous lives have been lost due to excessive dependent and careless usage these generators that are being smuggled into country from China on daily basis without proper approval from Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON).

It has been rumoured that those behind the importation bussiness of these noisy generators are behind the woes of electric power in this country. Well I don’t know how true is this but whatever or whoever is posing as a clog in the wheel of progress of this nation should prepare for their nemesis too, very soon. Yes, Law of Karma!

Imagine you getting to the office with a lot to do and there is no power available for you to carry out important daily activities, to make matter worst you had slept with power outage at home previous night. Tell me how productive would anyone be in such pathetic situation of constant lack electric power? Quite a number of young persons out there could have been engaging in legitimate bussiness but due excessive power outage and complete of lack it, they have turned into hoodlums engaging in criminals activities for survival. Let’s face the fact, lack of electric power has impacted negatively on this nation a great deal. It has brought major setbacks to various economic sectors.

The most ridiculous part of the saga is PHCN officials who wouldn’t mind bringing bills to your doorsteps 10 times a month regardless of whether your apartment has been disconnected for months or your transformer got blown off by excessive lighting and thunder from torrential rainfall, as long as you have electric power meter attached to your house whether it works or not, it is none of their bussiness. They would say ‘man must chop’! I pray for speedy Divine intervention in power sector of this nation! Amen!!!


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