Should We Crucify Divorcee?

Dotun Roy

I knew it would be sensationalised since the day I first read the divorce saga of a popular Nigerian pastor whom is at verge of calling it quit with his wife of many years. I also knew it would not only be sensationalised but would equally re-open similar divorce cases of other men of God who had earlier divorce their wives either based on irreconcilable differences or other unmentionable reasons. So many blogs, News and soft sell articles have aired their views on how and why they should and should not undo their marital vows after being married for years. I read how they cast aspersions of their personalities because of this. Some even went as far as quoting bible to buttress their point, saying ‘God hates divorce’ Yes Malachi 2:16 says God hates Divorce but the fact that God hates Divorce does not mean divorce would never happen at all to ordinary men and even to men of God. As a matter of fact, it is because God knew it would happen that was why He gave that injunction that He hates it.

Remember also that God hates stealing, yet people steal on daily basis, He hates it when we kill ourselves, Yet thousands of people are being killed everyday. He hates it when we stab one another in the back, still we do it and He even hates it more when we judge and condemn ourselves. Therefore, it is equally a sin when you sit somewhere and raise this divorce saga and condemn these men of God because of their actions even if God frowns at it.

I want to say they should rather be let alone to lead their lives. If you say I’m taking sides or trying to appear holier than thou because I am a christain or pentecostals like they often refer to us. Yes, I agree. Ask me Why? It is because of what I have read on this divorce saga and I saw how they accused pentecostal churches of making a mess of word of God, how they condemn polygamy that orthodox churches like cherubim and seraphim and Anglican churches never frowned at, which accordıng to them, could have helped curb divorce issues in the church. How Abraham, solomon, David and the rest of them are polygamists. Now these people came up with these blogs so as to prove points that are even pointless to me in the first place.

What is actually my point? My point here is we should learn not to cast aspersions of others simply because of little or big trial they are being confronted with. For Heavens sakes, thousands of divorce letters are being issued across the world on daily basis but no one raises eyebrow about them. However, whenever a man of God tries to correct an error or make an amendment about his life, it becomes sensationalised and next thing people begin to ask questions about their callings and their ministries. What We often forget is that men of God are human beings like you and I. They have emotional needs. They have same strong feelings and desire just like you do. They are just being privileged to be chosen as vessels of God. And I believe they should have the right over their decisions as well. So why crucifying anyone for seeking divorce or divorced? Knowing fully well that marriage is one tough institution that people hardly pass its exams. It is the only institution that God Himself laid the foundation with his own hands and it is only God that understands the mysteries behind it. It is uncalled for to condemn anybody because of failed marriage. Even Adam, the first man failed in his marriage by being misled by Eve and disobeyed God’s instruction.
The interesting thing is, those who condemn others have their own horrific battle in their various homes. Quite a number of them live with their spouses like a familiar stranger. Isn’t it funny?.

Instead of wagging tongues why don’t we pray for them. We need to understand that our prayers and moral support will go a long way in saving the situation from getting messier. Let us not forget the fact that these people have also impacted lives across the world in one way or the other via their life changing messages, so praying for them is like praying for yourself.


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