Attitudinal Change: Everyone’s Assignment (Part 2)

Having discussed two out of five aspects of human lives where attitudinal change is essential in the Part 1. The rest of the 3 aspects are as follows:

  1. Religion: In the quest to find answers to the mysteries of life and to also connect back to divinity, religion became a necessity and its activities became part of human lives. Every living soul has a void that needs to be filled by virtue of steady relationship with his creator. However, the channel and mode with which these religious activities are carried out differs. Religion could be have been the best thing that has happened to humanity but so sad that bigotry and extremism have hijacked the peace and love messages which I believe every religion preaches. Nevertheless, to some degree, I personally believe extremism could have been used positively. Why do I say that? extremism should be personal. It should not be to kill and maim others or imposing your religion on others. It should be used to obey your religious injunctions so as to receive great rewards in the great beyond. For instance, if you religious injunction says you should give 20% of your earning to the needy, you could decide to give 80% instead. That is positive extremism. Our extremism in religion should be by being extremely obedient to God. Note these: if you are not in peace with other religions you need attitudinal change. If you condemn others because of what they believe in, your attitude needs reforms. You can begin take a step towards that now.

  2. Social Interaction: We are all social beings. We need to relate with one another on daily basis therefore human beings are built to work together so as to achieve a common goal, purpose and even a target. Like they say, no man is an island, however this is not the case with small minded and arrogant people. They know everything. They belittle and look down on others as though they are nonentities. Funny thing about conceited people, is that they have nothing, if you dig into their past, you will be surprise at the stories you get. They are allergic to the word humility. Pride is an anathema to social interactions. It is even a sin before God. In social gathering, they dominate subject and every other opinion is irrelevant. Often times, conceited people do not know that they are the ones with complex. Destructive complex at that. Some of these arrogant people started well with an humble beginning but on getting to the top turned into a monster forgetting that your charisma, your charm and you gifts can get you to the top but only your attitude can retain you there. Note these: if you feel you are the best all time and other are not up to you, you need urgent attitudinal change. If nobody can correct you when you step out of line or make a blunder, you are deficient of Godly attitude. A change of attitude is never too late.

  3. Leadership: Leadership is simply a call to serve. To me, it is a privileged giving to a person to lead while others follow. The beauty in any leadership position should be service delivery, transparency and accountability. Any leadership that is devoid of these three things has become a curse. However, imposition, corruption and high handedness are now synonymous with leadership roles. People are gradually drifting away from the service to others but service to self thereby making leadership position an avenue to stash away what belongs to the masses. Currently, corruption is a global phenomenon and it is the bane in leadership. In governance, when there is corrupt leader, electorates become pushovers after the campaign and election are over. The poor masses can only cry and agitate for impeachment but at end of the day a corrupt leader will always wreck havoc in a society before he leaves. Note these: if you are a leader and you are not delivering on your promises/services, not transparent and not accountable for anything, you need an attitudinal change. If you are planing to get a leadership position to amass wealth for yourself, you need attitudinal change. These 5 aspects of human lives are critical for personal and national development. If these attitudinal changes are giving top priorities in our daily lives. It would not only bring about speedy transformation that we all desire but also lay good foundation for posterity.


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