Beautiful Minds: Ebola Amazons

Dotun Roy

All in a bid to save the lives of other million Nigerians from contracting deadly Ebola, Doctor Ameyo (pictured above) and Nurse Ejelonu stood their ground, prevented the Liberian National, Patrick Sawyer who allegedly escaped Moronvia Quarantine Center inspite of warnings from Medical experts to attend a Summit in Calabar, Nigeria. He had had a stopover in Lagos and was reportedly sick and rushed into the hospital where these two Heroines worked. Only God knows what would have become of this country by now if Mr Sawyer had boarded another flight to calabar with Ebola virus ozzing out of him.

Honestly, I want you to agree with me that these two beautiful minds are indeed our national heroines. They indeed demonstrated high level of patriotism with sound professional ethics in the field of medicine, therefore they deserve to be honoured just like every other past Nigerian national heros.

The thought of honouring these two medical icons did not just occur to me alone. A friend of mine, who is also a blogger based in Lagos said thesame. Let us picture the good number of people who would have contracted Ebola, if Doctor Stella Ameyo and Nurse Ejelonu had not been professionally sound and understood the precarious situation of that man and let him out. Federal government of Nigeria would not have been able to curtail the spread of Ebola this way. According to Patrick Sawyer wife, she said her husband believed that he could get the sound medical diagnosis in Nigeria. That says a lot about his expectation about Nigerian Healthcare system and I am equally happy that these two medical heroines did not disappoint this nation. They indeed singlehandedly averted what could have been termed a ‘national disaster’. They put their lives on the line for millions of Nigerians.

I was really touched and compelled to blog about them, when I heard that Dr Stella Ameyo eventually gave up the ghost after all the effort to save her life failed, a week after the death of her colleague, Nurse Ejelonu. I knew government tried to save her life but Ebola virus for what it is, wrecks instant havoc in body and kills with a speed of light. My hearts goes out to their families, I could only imagine the gravity of trauma their death must have brought and even knowing that they could not give them beffiting burial due to the circumstances that led to their death.

Although quite a number of people feel indifferent about their death since they are not member of their families, some even accused me of overblowing their death by blogging about it but the truth is these two medical icons did what any hero could have done to protect and defend his country. It would be commendable if federal government will deem it fit to honour these amazons not necessarily monetarily because money cannot buy life but in such a way that their names will forever be remembered so generation yet unborn may know what they did for this country.


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