Depression :Unknown Silent Killer

Dotun Roy

Over the years, I have come to realise that depression is common to every living soul. Depression often overwhelm us when it appears we are failing in our dreams and set goals in life, when everything seems to be falling apart and there is no remedy in sight to put them back together. At this period, every thought in our heads is to just look for an escape route, that is when depression become a sickness, and at this point it can be suicidal. Most psycho-analysts have agreed that 91.9 percent humans have had depression at some point in their lives. Which makes depression something that can be treated and overcome with optimism and positive outlook to life.

Adolescents and young adults are known to often get depressed basically because of either peer pressure or parental pressure. This is the reason so many young adults seek solace in alcohol, drug and sex addiction. However, kamikaze (self destruct) life styles of famous people have also being linked to their suicidal tendencies.

The death of Robin William, US famous actor and comedian is one reason I still baffle as to why a man in his 60’s could think suicide is the only option for him, after living a celebrated life for many years with a flourishing career in Hollywood. I became his fan after seeing his 1995 thriller box office “Jumanji” then I was in secondary school, I could watch that movie over and over again.

Yesterday, 11 August, Robin was pronounced dead in his home in US with some evidence of suicide. Although it was reported that Robin had battled depression for years which turned him an alcoholic. He has had couple of failed marriages as well. But, I still believe with his achievements, fortune and age, he ought to have managed to stay alive longer.

Robin is not the only celebrity, who has been guilty of suicide, which is gradually becoming frequent occurrence. The likes of Ann Nicole Smith, Thompson Lee, Brenda Fassie and many more were found dead in a similar manner.

What I have Iearned so far in this horrific circumstances that led to the death of these people is the fact that there was a vaccum in their lives that needed to be filled. Day in day out, they kept struggling with it, and most times they bottled it up, resorting to alcohol and drug thinking these could help them. But how wrong!

Many of us seek good life and fortune but when these things come into our lives, they are accompanied with some inexplicable wants which in turn create a void in us. Then this void would in no time turns to depression. The only void filler is Jesus Christ. He knows our end from the beginning. He is the only way to a peaceful ending! That I know for sure.



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