Ebola Hype

Dotun Roy

All I can say for now is to thank the Liberian Man, Mr Sawyer who have succeeded in bringing the most dreadful disease into our beloved country before he gave up the ghost. Just couple of days after his demise, the whole Nigerians became alerted of the woe that had befallen them and ever since all manner of publicity and sensitisation have flooded everywhere from TV commercial to Radio news, newspapers and social media including blackberry and android phone broadcast which I receive on constant basis. In as much as publicity and sensitisation is best way to prevent the spread of this terminal disease, we should also be careful the kind of information we take at this period.
A whole of lot information are just flying everywhere and one can only wonder which one is actually true. Personally, I know there is no way this Ebola publicity would not be hijacked by some unscrupulous beings in our midst just to favour their heinous and selfish motive.

As at the yesterday I didn’t even know that I would do any blog on Ebola because it is not something to joke about. It is a critical issue for every soul in the world right now. However, the first broadcast I read on my blackberry this morning compelled me to do this. It reads: “Urgent Pls – It is going around that every body should drink and bath with hot water and salt this morning. against Ebola invasion. Pls do it and be careful to observe all precautions given on it. God have mercy on us o” before I could even say my morning prayer my mother called in pleading with me to enter bathroom and shower with salt water and drink it as well. At first I was confused as to whether to do it or not but on second thought my sense of reasoning is quite functioning and I equally know anybody could just come up with anything just to improve their sales of salt bussiness. I am not a pessimistic person and I am not saying the salt water bath is a false alarm don’t get me wrong but we all need to make sure and confirm the authenticity of such information before anything.

As a kid, I heard so many things or let me say, myths concerning the abusive use of salt, I could remember I was told excessive intake of salt could damage your liver, it could also make you blind if its concentration gets into your eyes and for those that are hypertensive it is no go area too. Although I don’t know how true these are because I have never experience any.
So with all these, how do we know the level of salt intake? I know out of fear, many people would drink more than recommended dosage. So many people would also have their eyes or skin damaged as a result of frequent salt bath.

To make the matter worse, I got an alert from a blogger friend that the lady who started the salt and water publicity has also tendered apology for such an unrully and outrageous broadcast. How misleading!
I pray God have Mercy on us in the Ebola period.


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