Selfie Syndrome

Dotun Roy

It has been confirmed that the coinage ‘selfie’ has gradually been incorporated into English Language. It has also found its way into 21st Century English Dictionary, which means to take personal photograph of oneself by your own mobile phone, tablets or any other camera devices. Honestly, there is nothing wrong when one takes personal pictures of oneself as a matter of fact it’s a quick and beautiful tool to use for immediate capture of any event without waiting for any photographer. However, my grouse about this whole selfie thing is the abusive use of it. Lately, I have realised that, over time both old and young people have become addicted to the use selfie thereby making its abusive use well pronounced on the social media.

It has gotten the point that at every click on social media you get to see one nude selfie or the other, gradually turning social media platform into mini pornographic viewing centres. For heaven sakes, no one stops anybody for taking selfie of his or her nudity or private parts but please whenever you do that try not to post them on social media. Keep it safe for your partner or whoever your targeted audience is.

Our so called celebrities are not helping matters in the ridiculous act at all. Most times I wonder what kind of attention these celebrities are still seeking? They virtually live their lives for the public, living under the spotlight yet you would still see them posting their bedroom pictures with their partner unclad, their collection of jewellery, their wardrobes and so many other irrelevant. This is becoming so sickening and reprehensible. No wonder, recent medical science has proven it that, addiction to selfie is an early symptom of pyschosis and other related mental illnesses. There is this saying that when you laugh the whole world laugh with but when you cry, you cry alone, that goes to say, when you indulge so much in selfie and you become addicted to it simply because of the cheap compliments you get from your friends on social media when it degenerate to mental disorder no one will be willing to identify with you. You are on your own o.


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