News Flash for Never Do Well Hackers!

Oladotun OF

It is no doubt that in as much as technology in the 21st Century has made the world a global village, it has got its down sides. Aside from popular internet scam that every compliant individual dreaded, “Bad Hacking” is gradually becoming order of day in this part of the world. What I mean by bad hacking is simply what I could term “a malicious invasion into other people privacy via computer or other devices with intention of wrecking havoc or extract classified data that are not meant for public consumption”. Although, it has been proven that “Hacking” is now being study as a discipline and professional course in some western universities, of which I also learnt is a viable course for security experts such as CIA and FBI alike in the United States. Nevertheless, let me summarise what I know so far about hacking for your quick update. Hacking/Hackers can generally fit into three basic categories:

Legal (called “white hats” or “blue hats”): These are the guys that test the networks of major companies to see if they can get past their security defenses. They make sure their companies aren’t vulnerable to attacks from the bad hackers.

Illegal (“black hats”): These guys range from young ne’er do-wells looking for serial numbers to their favorite computer games to full-on international criminals who make a living by breaking in to systems without permission. They can steal money or information.

Ideological (“Hacktivists”): These guys are an interesting group. These groups usually anonymous claim to have specific beliefs, usually about information or privacy. You could also lump governments into this group.

However perspective we want to view these categories I still believe no one should for whatever reason engage in illegal hacking “black hats” to harm is fellow man. I was compelled to do this blog when I discovered that my e-mail had been hacked into, and a colleague of mine called in and complaining to me about same encounter.
To me, it is quite obnoxious and hideous for an able bodied man who should get involved in other wholesome engagements for the development of his mind and brain to venture into illegal hacking for a living or indulgence. Like I said in my last blog everything still boils down high level of unemployment in the country and around world. It is not fair enough for young person who suppose to belong to productive groups in the society becomes a lay about after tertiary education. Like they say an idle hand is devil’s workshop! No two ways about it, When you are idle, evil thoughts will certainly run through your mind. My advice for those who are still indulging in such illegal hacking is to desist from it and seek other means of contributing their own little quota to the development of this drowning economy of our dear country or better still, they should apply so as to be trained as professionals for those international security outfits.


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