Fashion Malady

HALLEBy Oladotun Olumuyiwa F.

The world is fast changing into what I cannot explain. Things that were considered abnormal and weird in the time past are gradually becoming part of our daily lives. Ladies dressing in scanty outfit to social gathering, men wearing stuffs meant for ladies, older men turning into full-fledge pedophile overnight, chasing after teenage girl and even toddler and older ladies abusing teenage boys etc. Values and sense of decency are becoming eroded. The word ‘virtue’ doesn’t mean anything to ladies of this generation.
Some months back I had an encounter with some ladies who claimed to be born again Christians, awfully dressed, and practically nude, all in the name of fashion. These ladies never cared whose ox was gore exuding unrepentant confidence with what they were putting on in a social gathering, all eyes were on them. It was then I concluded that these ladies parading themselves in provocative dresses are nothing but ‘attention seekers’. I have also realised that, most of these ladies are victims of low self esteem, some have suffered rejection and abuse in their younger days. In other words, they put on facade through these wild outfits to social gathering to cover up their deficiencies, void and scars left in their minds as a result of these horrible encounter they had in their younger days.
Aside from those that are mere victim of low self esteem. They are some who just derive pleasure in ‘getting noticed’ anywhere they go, they love it when their friend rub their ego by complimenting what they put on at any given time. They could go any length to fill their wardrobe with latest outfits, accessories, mobile phones even automobile to suit any colour of the outfit. These ladies would sleep with anything in trouser just to have their bank accounts filled with cash so as to carry out their sick indulgence.

Well, pardon my sarcasm, but truth must be told. we all know these fashion craze is the aftermath of the invasion of western culture. But, while I was trying compile this blog, I discovered that ladies in the western countries only wear skimpy and scanty outfits during summer time, when the weather is quite sunny and hot and they equally frown at unnecessary provocative outfits for ladies.
Traditionally, it is unafrican for a lady to expose her body for no justifiable reason in the public places. This is no other reason why rape cases are so prevalent across the world particularly in the Asia and Africa.

Men are not spared in this atrocity. They parade themselves in what is called ‘sagged pants’. When I researched on ‘sagged pants’ I discovered that it started in the US prisons by prisoners in the correctional. It is a way of positioning their prison pants, because they are not permitted to use belt within the correctional facility, so as to prevent it from being used as weapon amongst the inmates.
It would only make sense if you accord your body with the respect it deserves. You cannot earn any respect when you overexpose your body to those that are not meant to see it. You are just announcing how easy you are with your virtue! As a matter of fact, it gets on my nerve when I see Christians being guilty of this obscenity. I expect them to be shining example of decency and responsibility.


About dotunroy

An Activist and passionate writer. Well informed on social development plans and activities in Nigeria and across the world. Occasionally writes on other issues facing the world in the 21st century such as climate change, environmental sustainability, politics, governance and healthcare as well as education.

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  1. patience Olanrewaju Gold

    Well preached sir! Indeed it is message for this generation. God bless you!

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