Yuletide Fever!

By Oladotun O. Fadeyiye

All over the world yuletide season has always been a season of merriment, holidaying and relaxation for both old and young. It is in this season that most schools and institutions usually deem it fit to pause and go on a break. In North America and Northern European countries yuletide is often referred to as winter festival, this is because it falls in the winter season, snowing season.
When I was trying to figure out literal meaning of yuletide I discovered that is a religious festival observed by the historical Germanic peoples, later being absorbed into and equated with the Christian festival of Christmas.
With this meaning therefore, yuletide is simply christmas season with other festivities surrounding this season such as new year celebration.
Across the world, festivities are always at the top gear during yuletide in various countries. The famous Brazil annual spectacular carnival in most of its major cities of Rio de janeiro, Bahia salvador and Sao Pauolo, Lagos Island Fanti carnival, abuja and calabar carnival are usually schedule for yuletide season for no other reason, but because it is holiday season.
Another exciting thing about yuletide is, it is a season that allows people to share love among themselves, giving gifts to those you care about on boxing day. 26th December is specifically set aside for this activity across the world. It is indeed a season of love and sharing.
Having pointed out these beautiful and festive sides of yuletide, it does have its down side and ugly side. These down sides is what necessitated this blog.
Over the years, in this part of world, I have discovered that during this season, ‘yuletide fever’ is always on the rise whenever the calendar is approaching the month of December which the beginning of yuletide. Most people become anxious of the excitement of holidays and festivities. This anxiety often make people go to the extreme so as to meet the family needs and demand such as christmas clothing, food items as well as renovating and retouching the homes for christmas and new year. With all these outlined yuletide expenses, most families would go far as running into debt in order to outdo the other family due to unhealthy competition. Many young persons, do get entangled in shady businesses and illegal means of making money this period all in a bid to meet up with yuletide needs. But if you ask me, I do not think yuletide should be spent with anxiety of what to wear, eat or how to outdo my neighbours. It should be a time to take inventory of the outgoing year, a time to give thanks for the little you have and for being alive and healthy. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying it is wrong to buy new clothing for yuletide, if you can afford it. But the whole essence of yuletide should not be mistaken for our selfish activities and our priorities should not be misplaced!

Happy yuletide Holiday.
Compliments of the season to you all!


About dotunroy

An Activist and passionate writer. Well informed on social development plans and activities in Nigeria and across the world. Occasionally writes on other issues facing the world in the 21st century such as climate change, environmental sustainability, politics, governance and healthcare as well as education.

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