Insurgents, Terrorists or Cannibals?


For couple of days now, the gruesome killings of innocent students of College of Agriculture, Yobe State, Nigeria by these group of cannibals called Boko Haram Sect, that has been parading themselves under the pretext of ‘Jihad fighters or Freedom fighters’ or ‘God knows what’ has kept me wondering and pondering on which way to go for our dear nation, Nigeria, particularly, in terms of adequate security for its citizens and innocent students. These students got admitted to that school to be educated so as to become responsible citizens and to be able to contribute their own quota to the economic development of their country after graduation, but their lives were cut short, leaving their dreams unrealized and the hope of their parents dashed. How pathetic! The question that has been on my lips is how long will this barbaric acts continue? How long do we have to live in fear of becoming victims of these horrible creatures living in our midst?

According to Daily Trust, these gunmen suspected to be insurgents launched a predawn attack on an agriculture college in Yobe State yesterday, killing at least 50 students and injuring five others.
The students were woken up from sleep in their dormitory and shot dead at the College of Agriculture, Gujba, 50 kilometers south of the state capital Damaturu.
Survivors said about 30 gunmen drove into the school in three Hilux vans and four motorcycles around 1.30am.
They headed to the hostel where they assembled the students in one place and opened fire on them.
The most annoying of it all is that these people usually carry out their evil deeds with impunity, leaving behind sorrow, tear and blood.
At this junction, so far, I would like to commend the efforts of security operatives and agencies across the country in combating this menace called terrorism. However, they should not rest on their oars, this fight is equally everyone’s fight, we shouldn’t leave it for the securities agencies alone. You and I as individuals need to work together by providing them with the helpful information in order to help fish out those people with terrorism agenda so as to completely stamp out this madness from our society.

Oladotun OF


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