Young, Talented and promising but….

Everyone knows death is inevitable, not even tiniest ant is spared when it comes to the issue of death. It is a debt every living creature hopes to pay someday, but unfortunately no one knows when he or she would be called to pay it or better put what it might cost to pay it. Nevertheless, It is often painful when young and promising person died mysteriously or commits suicide. So Many reasons have been adduced to this, some are traumatic experience as a result of depression, hallucination from dope, addiction to drugs (overdose), societal rejection, public disgrace and even wrong religion. Some hours ago, US promising young actor, Thompson Lee Young took his own life for no just cause as far as I am concerned, because based on what E! Online said to be the cause of his death, I believe is a simple case of ‘misconception of religious doctrine’. He was said to have suddenly found solace in ‘Yoruba Religion’ ¬†traditional religion of West African people which believes in worshiping ancient dieties and voodoo of ogun, oshun and others which I believe is still a common a practice in some of west African countries and South America too. However, he was obsessed with it and he did not learn the doctrine, the teachings and language of the religion properly before he started practising. It was said that he wrongfully applied the teaching of the religion which says “IKU YA JESIN LO” which means suicide is better than shame! He erroneously took his own life all because of religion. Many youths are out there like Thompson Lee that are victims of religion, they are trapped in a religion they know nothing about and do not know how to come out. Whoever finds himself in such situation should seek help and counseling through professionals or better still share his problem with his confidant because problem shared is half solved!

-Oladotun Olumuyiwa F.


About dotunroy

An Activist and passionate writer. Well informed on social development plans and activities in Nigeria and across the world. Occasionally writes on other issues facing the world in the 21st century such as climate change, environmental sustainability, politics, governance and healthcare as well as education.

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