Nature is our treasure!

Nature and natural resources are gifts from God. As humans we are given the responsibility to add value to them not to abuse them. Natural resources that are found beneath the earth such as Tin, iron-ore, gold, lead and diamond are kept there for the beautification of our environment as well as ourselves. Likewise, the animals in the wild and sea creatures in the aquatic are to be protected and related with not to be seen as enemy or predators. The world is fast changing and whole lot of issues are springing up from global warming to effects of climate change as well as deforestation to extinction of wildlife. Over the years, various organizations from international communities and local communities have been working together in order to see how people around world could be sensitised and educated against the impending danger of deforestation and wildlife extinction. WWF is one of the organisation that has been championing the cause of wildlife conservation across the world.


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